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In October 1998 I bought a Mazda Eunos Roadster. This car was imported from Japan in excellent condition with very low miles. The Eunos Roadster is the Japanese version of the MX5 and Miata in the US. The MX5 was designed as a true sports car with the front-engined rear wheel drive balance and soft-top.

The difference between a cabriolet and a roadster: A cabriolet is a car designed to put the roof down in good weather. A roadster is a car designed to put the roof up in bad weather.

My car was a V-special which is the equivalent to an SE model in the UK. This meant that it had a few nice little extras such as a wooden Nardi steering wheel, a wooden handbrake cover, tanned leather seats, air conditioning, electric aerial, electric windows and etc.

The car was a joy to drive and I loved getting the roof down on a clear day and just simply going for a blast.

The death of the roadster.